“Going Silent” Vishal Mehta “Drums”

Many people, including musicians, think of the drummer’s primary job as just providing a solid beat and rhythm. But I think that a drummer’s job is no more involved with rhythm or beat than anyone else in the ensemble. Since the modern drum set is capable of producing unlimited tonal, melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic shading, there is no reason why a drummer cannot be every bit the equal of any other musician in adding a unique voice to music.

Vishal Mehta, born and brought up in Meerut came to Delhi when he was 17. He has been playing drums professionally and  has been in the Indian music industry for the last 12 years

Vishal Mehta

Journey playing as a session artist and with a band. About the changing music scenario

Its been 10 years since  Vishal Mehta have been playing drums professionally and the journey has been quite exciting so far. During these years  He  had the chance to collaborate with various bands and artists .
The music scenario is changing rapidly in India and the number of constant groups is reducing as everyone has a different vision for their music. Yes, it has been difficult to disband with members that you get emotionally attached to and form a bond with, but due to various circumstances it gets difficult to continue. As a result, nowadays people prefer to perform as session artists to avoid being emotionally attached and committing to one specific band or project as it gives us the opportunity to explore and perform different genres of music and gain more experiences.
 Musical highlights
While for the last 2 years  Vishal has been playing for Euphoria, in the last 10 years  have played as a session artist with FARHAN AKHTAR, ALI ZAFAR, SHIBANI KASHYAP, RABBI SHERGILL, SANAM which were commonly Bollywood acts.  Also was part of a major band called GROOVE ADDA with  Aditi Singh Sharma, who is currently an established Bollywood playback singer. Vishal Mehta has  played with various fusion bands like ROCKVEDA, SUSHMIT SEN and The CHRONICLES, NASYA and with Jazz Fusion Bands like JAZZ CONNECTION, THE COMMON, BRYAN and THE BANDITS. Apart from that I have performed with Sufi artists like HANS RAJ HANS ji and SATINDER SARTAJ ji.
About  new venture- Drumsyrup 
 Vishal Mehta  all set to release  very first album . The Album is called #ALONE. On GUITARS   have Nabam Takar, on BASS  Deepak Aggarwal , on VOCALS Bharti Gupta and on DRUMS  he himself .Vishal Mehta  has  recently launched own venture called DRUMSYRUP under which he is going  release  upcoming Album #ALONE. This venture will focus on rhythm designs
About  song ‘Going Silent’
 Vishal  Mehta has released the song GOING SILENT through OK Listen and One Digital Entertainment.  The  song the story is about the girl and boy where one is waiting for the other and with that wait “GOING SILENT “.
The album is  all about Journey of  Music in Vishal Mehta Life … How Drums have become a part of his Soul and How  this journey elevated him . Drums make a important part of music  But still some where it does not get that stage , Its always in back drop .. So Rhythms and Tempos makes the Drums a lead  in  this album .
Watch it on  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXc7t9ClN2I

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