Asia’s first fully 3D Printed art installation on display at Mumbai Airport T2 till 25th of July 2019

The fully 3D Printed installation art work by Nuru Karim “Nudes” in collaboration with Krishnamurthy’s “Foldsdesignstudios” celebrates the growth and prosperity of the state of Maharashtra. The growth and energy of the state is captured by the sculpture that gradually rises from the ground to occupy the space of an all-encompassing canopy symbolizing the state as both “protector” and “mentor”.

“Jhada” is an ambitious art work exploring a scale and fabrication process that has been unprecedented in the country.

Installed at the Mumbai International Airport T2, this fully 3D Printed art installation is one of the firsts in Asia that astonishingly took just under seven days to build. Thanks to more than 20 of Fracktal’s Industrial 3D Printers that were building the parts for this installation in tandem.

“Rather than using the traditional ways of cutting plywood or structures based on traditional materials like metal, Jhada was envisioned to leverage the cutting edge design tools, materials and 3D Printing to build something is that is otherwise impossible” says Krishnamurthy the architect behind the project.

Jhada is over 8 ft in height and spans over 6 ft in breadth and is made of 61 massive individual pieces built using an army of Julia Pro series of Industrial 3D Printers setup by Fracktal at Foldsdesign studios in Navi mumbai. These individual pieces were post processed and assembled to form final installation on a metal structural column which was then carefully transported to the Mumbai Airport T2.

Fabricating such a large sculpture using technologies and methods that were never explored before does bring in its own doubts and fears, despite of which Foldsdesignstudios along with Nudes Architecture and Fracktal took up this challenge and are striving forward to create a new standard in the architectural community in India and the world.

“It’s not usual to have architecture and fabrication to be under one roof, foldsdesignstudios is a very unique place where the architects have an extensively hands on approach towards their craft. That really made this whole project a reality” says Vijay Raghav Varada, Co-founder of Fracktal Works.

Nuru Karim has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects in 2005 on a host of institutional projects both in competition/ schematic design and design development stages. He has also recently won the World Architecture Community Awards, designed category.

Krishnamurthy is the founder and mastermind behind foldsdesign studios, Navi Mumbai which is a hands on architecture design studio where fabrication and parametric design happens under one roof.

Fracktal Works is an Indian 3D Printer manufacturer that is pushing the limits of applications of 3D Printing across manufacturing, architecture and healthcare sectors. With customers like Shell, Cisco, TVS electronics, Manipal Group and Bosch, Fracktal is arguably the one of the fastest growing 3D Printing companies in India

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